Why take control of your finances?

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Most people have learned to manage with the funds available. Not lacking anything major, but also unable to spend any bigger amounts, because the money has to last until next payday, being used for everyday expenses. This sounds quite like me a few years ago. My salary was sufficient for my daily needs, I very seldomly ran short on money. If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right?

A study by Morningstar finds that control over your finances brings you joy and satisfaction in your financial life. If you are wealthy or not is not most important it appears.

Introducing order and predictability into your personal finances opens up a lot of options. Your finances become your tool, a tool you can use to achieve goals.

It’s as if you had a room in your house that is filled with junk, the space is essentially useless. Once you clear it, you use it for something again.

Yes, sometimes it makes sense to fix things that don’t appear broken.

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